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The Jeffries Ranch Community

When Dr. C.W. Jeffries developed this community it was a unique idea. Many original Jeffries Ranch owners are still residents and friends of the family. Tim Jeffries helped most of them into their homes as a neighbor who shared their unique community. Our equestrian theme is extended in nearby subdivisions that have complemented Jeffries Ranch by adopting, by reference, the Jeffries Ranch name even though not a part of our original subdivision. Nearly the entire area of east Oceanside near the Guajome Regional Park is now referred to as Jeffries Ranch, with our own schools and even Home Depot, my how we´ve grown!

As a family - Dad bought the property, built the homes, Tim Jeffries handled marketing and sales of the homes at Jeffries Ranch. Dr. Jeffries sister "Peggy" Clara Margaret (Jeffries) decorated and handled customer relations, and my brother, Mark Jeffries designed exterior areas and landscaped many - even after they were purchased. So Jeffries Ranch was truly a family affair.


In 1975 Dr. Jeffries a psychiatrist from Orange County had developed smaller parcels (of 25 acres or so) in the San Luis Rey Valley. One day while driving through noticing a "For Sale" sign on 110 acres just East of Guajome Lake Park, he put in an offer subject to obtaining a DRE Map, and purchased the frontage 110acs on Mission Avenue/Hwy 76. Later, having secured the DRE Map, he purchased the 167 acres just "behind" - to the South. The total acreage being 267ac and the company name: Coastal Estates Development Corp.

Dad was a gentle person with lots of ambition. He had always remembered his Uncle Ray. Dad said he used this experience taught to him by his "Uncle Ray"(whom I never met) to "build" upon as he grew older. Dad had worked with Uncle Ray since high school and through college with him: as he put it "worked (his) way through medical school with a hammer in his hand. My Mother - 'Dottie' says they had purchased 30 acres and sold them off one by one in the late thirties early forties to pay for his tuition. Uncle Ray had helped them develope and build homes on several of the lots.

This is where Dad credits his experience and the source of his dreams to develop Jeffries Ranch.Born September 9th, 1921 - died June 10th, 2001; We lost him to metasticised protate cancer to brain cancer after prolonged suffering. May he rest in peace and tranquility with his sister Peggy who followed only three days later - she had ben catatonic for months and we think he came back and got her as they were very close.

Dad's older brother, Carson Jeffries, was a world renowned Nuclear Physcist at UC Berkeley, and thrice nominated for Nobel Prize. Carson had several discoveries and was very influential in the development of MRI as we know it today, as well as many other accomplishments in the physics world: LASER , Photographing electricity, and was one of the founders of the Quantum Physics field known as CHAOS - most anyone in physics knows his name or has studied his teachings.


When my father passed away 4 years ago many of you shared our grief. He is remembered as a loving father and friend to all, and to many an icon. Our family extends its thanks for your concern and friendship. We all enjoy his legacy in Jeffries Ranch, and many regard his friendship from his years as a Jeffries Ranch neighbor. Though we originally became friends through your purchase of a home here we have enjoyed the extension of that association as neighbors.


It is my wish to share and extend this friendship and help you and your friends move with ease to and from Jeffries Ranch. Please share my contact information with anyone interested in this area. My expertise is now in land, development, ranches, groves, and of course home re-sales. Having worked in many areas of real estate including new home sales & marketing, lending, VA/FHA, I have developed a fund of knowledge that I will share as it helps you through the maze of either selling or acquiring property. I still use the original 'escrow gal´ that did our Jeffries Ranch escrows, Karen Norwood in Vista's Chicago Title Escrow office, who has remained a family friend all these years as many of you have.

In this dynamic market it has been difficult to net enough from the sale of your present home, to able to afford another home, if you can even find one suitable. In light of this, I have this year alone saved many sellers and buyers the expense many thousands of dollars that were then used toward their next move into property of all types, although I do not advertise as discount broker.


As a single dad, I recently moved from Valley Center to Oceanside adjacent to Jeffries Ranch. I live with my daughter, Alyssa 16, whom some of you know ; and an a Siberian Husky, "Tundra" and her pup, "Panda". We will hopefully be back in the country in a couple of years when Alyssa finishes school. From east Oceanside, I am only 20 minutes away from Valley Center and am in the neighborhood often. We are looking for a new church home here. But I am still very active in the Valley Center community. And now here as well!


I have many years of experience to draw upon. My integrity and honesty can be easily verified. Trust is the most important virtue in any transaction. Particularly when your family and daily life are affected. In the business of Real Estate, these things are magnified to a level that emotions are affected. Mutual trust is required of a Broker and client that the marketing of a property and the negotiation of the "deal" and handling of the sale and escrow is entirely proper. It is my goal to show you through the most pleasant experience in real estate that you have ever had. I realize that I am handling the perhaps the most important investment of your life and at the same time you live there, too.